Exquisite Tea from India's Darjeeling District in the Foothills of the Himalayas


Exceptional Oolong Tea from Ali Shan, Home of Taiwan's Indigenous Tsou Tribe


Lovely Highland Teas from the Beautiful Himalayan Hills of Nepal

Ali Shan Red Oolong - Taiwan Oolong Tea 2014 Norbu White Buds - 250 g Sheng Pu-Erh Tea Cake Traditional Roast Tie Guan Yin - Anxi Oolong Tea Himalayan Flowery - Nepal Tea - First Flush, 2015
The leaves of this dark oxidized oolong tea have been rolled into a ball-shape, similar to the famous green-style oolong teas of the Ali Shan region. When steeped, this tea produces a beautifully clear, reddish-amber infusion with a sweet aroma. There is a familiar, distinct flavor and sweetness unique to the Qing Xin tea cultivar used to produce this tea that comes through clearly in the cup along with some sweet spices (cinnamon perhaps?) and maybe just a touch of dried flowers. The infusion is full-bodied, well rounded in the mouth, and the aftertaste is remarkably sweet & spicy.
This beautiful White Bud Pu-Erh Bing Cha is composed entirely of hand harvested, pure silvery-white buds from Yunnan Da Ye (large leaf) variety tea plants grown in Yong De county near China’s border with Myanmar. It was harvested in the Spring of 2013 and processed at a small facility in this rather remote area of Yunnan. It was compressed in late October, 2014 using traditional stone presses.
The loosely ball-rolled leaves are deep chestnut brown with a light woody-sweet aroma. When infused, they produce a reddish honey-amber liquor with toasty, fruity elements in the nose. Because of the long, slow, careful roasting process, the medium bodied infusion presents a balance between the flavor of toasted (not smoky or burned) barley, and the underlying sweet, woody, fruity flavors and aromas naturally produced by the Tie Guan Yin tea plant variety. The finish is sweet and long lasting with elements of dried stonefruit and just a hint of cocoa at the end.
The dry leaves of this late Spring tea are many shades of green with a healthy amount of silver buds and a lightly flowery aroma. The infusion is light-to-medium bodied with a bright, crystal clear, amber-gold color. When infused, it has a light flowery aroma, the "green" flavor typical of a well made hard-withered first flush style tea, moderate astringency, and a lingering bittersweet finish with lovely floral notes and a maybe just a hint of green plum.