Exquisite Tea from India's Darjeeling District in the Foothills of the Himalayas


Exceptional Oolong Tea from Ali Shan, Home of Taiwan's Indigenous Tsou Tribe


Lovely Highland Teas from the Beautiful Himalayan Hills of Nepal

Chiura - Nepal Green Tea Ali Shan High Mountain Oolong Tea - Spring, 2015 Nepal Silver Needles 1990's Loose Leaf Sheng Pu-Erh Tea
This tea has been hand picked using a one leaf and one bud standard, and processing was done by hand to preserve the integrity of the beautiful leaf sets. The silvery-green dry leaves have a toasty/nutty aroma from their wok firing and are of uniform size. When infused, the liquor is a pale yellow-gold with a slightly flowery and nutty aroma. In the cup, the medium bodied infusion has vivid grassy and nutty flavors with hints of flowers & young green vegetables, and a clean finish with moderate astringency.
These deep green nuggets of ball-rolled, hand-picked leaves yield a full bodied, light amber liquor which beautifully showcases this tea's unique "high mountain" aroma. This distinctive high mountain aroma is reminiscent of lilacs or orchids, and the amazing floral sweetness carries through in this tea's crisp, clean flavor and impressively long-lasting bittersweet aftertaste.
These young buds have been painstakingly hand-picked and simply dried to create a lovely silver needles style white tea. This minimal processing creates a finished tea with a crystal clear, pale yellow infusion and a sweet aroma reminiscent of newly dried straw. The liquor is light-bodied with a hay-like sweetness, mild floral notes and a touch of summery stonefruit in the finish.
The dry leaves are a mix of deep browns to blacks with a slightly dusty appearance and an earthy aroma. When infused, the clear, dark reddish-brown liquor has a distinctively "old," almost peaty aroma. The infusions carry elements of "old" from the aroma mixed with earthy flavors that play nicely against the assertive backbone of semi-aged raw Pu-Erh Tea.