Exquisite Tea from India's Darjeeling District in the Foothills of the Himalayas


Exceptional Oolong Tea from Ali Shan, Home of Taiwan's Indigenous Tsou Tribe


Renowned Black Tea from Assam in Northeast India's Brahmaputra River Valley

Ali Shan Red Oolong - Taiwan Oolong Tea Yong De White Buds Ali Shan High Mountain Oolong Tea - Spring An Ji Bai Cha - Green Tea
Yong De White Buds
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An Ji Bai Cha - Green Tea
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This leaves of this dark oxidized oolong tea have been rolled into a ball-shape, similar to the famous green-style oolong teas of the Ali Shan region. When steeped, this tea produces a beautifully clear, reddish-amber infusion with a sweet aroma. There is a familiar, distinct flavor and sweetness unique to the Qing Xin tea cultivar used to produce this tea that comes through clearly in the cup along with some sweet spices (cinnamon perhaps?) and maybe just a touch of dried flowers. The infusion is full-bodied, well rounded in the mouth, and the aftertaste is remarkably sweet & spicy.
Although it looks like a Silver Needles-style white tea, this is technically not a white tea at all. Strictly speaking in terms of origin and processing style, this is a Pu-Erh tea. It was hand-picked, processed and sun-dried in the Spring of 2014 from cultivated Yunnan large leaf variety tea plants grown in Yong De County, near Yunnan’s Southwestern border with Myanmar. The beautiful silvery-down covered dry buds carry a subtly sweet aroma reminiscent of newly dried hay. When steeped, the medium to full-bodied, light honey-amber infusion has hints of evergreen, honey and an herbal-sweetness with faint floral notes in the long and mouth-coating finish.
These deep green nuggets of ball-rolled, hand-picked leaves yield a full bodied, light amber liquor which beautifully showcases this tea's unique "high mountain" aroma. This distinctive high mountain aroma is reminiscent of lilacs or orchids, and the amazing floral sweetness carries through in this tea's crisp, clean flavor and impressively long-lasting bittersweet aftertaste.
This An Ji Bai Cha is a beautiful specimen, plucked to a one bud to two leaf standard and rolled into a needle-like shape. When the leaves are wet, the "white jade" color is apparent on the smaller leaf sets, and the leaves show beautiful, darker green veins.

The dry leaf aroma is sweet like fresh-cut grass with a hint of toasted nuts and a touch of fresh-cut flowers. When steeped, it produces a beautiful, crystal clear, pale "white jade" colored liquor with the sweet aroma of young green vegetables and mildly scented flowers. The flavor is very mild, fresh, delicately floral and a bit honey-sweet with a very clean & refreshing aftertaste.