Exquisite Tea from India's Darjeeling District in the Foothills of the Himalayas


Exceptional Oolong Tea from Ali Shan, Home of Taiwan's Indigenous Tsou Tribe


Renowned Black Tea from Assam in Northeast India's Brahmaputra River Valley

Seajuli GFOP - Assam Black Tea Mi Lan Dan Cong - Fenghuang Oolong Tea Huang Jin Gui - Anxi Oolong Tea Thurbo Silver Thunder - Darjeeling Tea - Second Flush
The dry leaves of this Seajuli Tea Estate Second Flush Assam are bold, big and black with hints of leather and wood in the aroma. The full-bodied, reddish-amber infusion is brisk with hints of malt and cocoa, moderate astringency, and a crisp, clean finish. It is an excellent self-drinker, but it is also great choice for adding milk and sugar at breakfast.
This Mi Lan Dan Cong is comprised of long, twisted deep greenish-black leaves with a faintly nutty aroma. When infused, the light amber liquor has, as the name "Mi Lan Xiang" (honey orchid fragrant) suggests, an aroma reminiscent of honey and orchids. In the cup, the medium to full bodied infusion delivers bittersweet, woody, honey, floral, nutty and dried-fruit flavors against the backdrop of a pleasingly assertive but not biting astringency. The bittersweet, floral elements build steadily sip after sip into the gloriously long-lasting finish for which Fenghuang Oolongs are so prized.
The dark yellowish-green dry leaves are tightly rolled with a lightly sweet, floral aroma. When infused, the light gold liquor conveys a lightly floral fragrance reminiscent of osmanthus flowers. The infusion is medium bodied with fruity, melon-like notes, a buttery/creamy hint and a long-lasting, flowery and bittersweet finish.
The beautiful dry leaves range in color from olive green to coppery-brown to deep chestnut with a good amount of obvious silvery buds. The infusion is a bright, crystal clear, reddish-amber color with a lovely raisiny-floral aroma. The medium-bodied liquor is smooth and crisp with low to moderate astringency, hints of sweet flowers & dried fruit, and a lingering floral & bittersweet finish.