Exquisite Tea from India's Darjeeling District in the Foothills of the Himalayas


Exceptional Oolong Tea from Ali Shan, Home of Taiwan's Indigenous Tsou Tribe


Renowned Black Tea from Assam in Northeast India's Brahmaputra River Valley

Jungpana Muscatel - Darjeeling Tea - Second Flush Gu Zhu Zi Sun - Green Tea Ruby Black - Taiwan Black Tea Honey Orchid Black Tea
Gu Zhu Zi Sun - Green Tea
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Honey Orchid Black Tea
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The dry leaves of this incredible Jungpana Tea Estate Second Flush Darjeeling Muscatel black tea are dark brown to black with burgundy-brown flecks, a large amount of silvery-gold buds, and a rich, woody-sweet aroma. When infused, the leaves produce a deep amber liquor with a musky, woody & floral nose. In the cup, the infusion is bold, full-bodied and smooth with a perfectly balanced, assertive astringency that carries the luscious, sweet, musky/floral/fruity muscatel notes across the palate through to the impressively long-lasting, graceful, bittersweet finish.
This tea, from a small farm in the Guzhu Mountain area of China’s Zhejiang Province, was picked and processed entirely by hand using the standard of two tiny leaves and one bud to preserve the integrity of these tiny, beautiful, near-perfect leaf sets. The dry leaves have a mild, sweet, green vegetable aroma with just a hint of nuttiness, and when steeped they produce a beautifully clear, light yellow liquor with a beautifully sweet aroma. The infusion is very fresh, subtly sweet, clean, and lightly floral with a silky-smooth mouthfeel and a lovely & lingering bittersweet aftertaste.
The dry leaves are beautifully dark, long and twisted, and are predominantly composed of complete/whole leaves. It has a distinctively malty aroma in the dry and wet leaves that is strongly reminiscent of a good Yunnan or Assam black tea. The flavor profile of this tea is malty-sweet with a bit of fruit, a bit of spice, and very little astringency. It produces an exceptionally smooth and sweet cup of black tea.
The long, wiry, tightly twisted dry leaves of this unique tea are black in color with aromas of caramel, honey and dried flowers. When infused, this tea produces a dark amber liquor and a sweet, honeyed aroma with floral overtones. In the cup, the infusion is medium to full bodied with caramel and dark amber honey notes, hints of dried ginger, malt, cocoa and dry flowers and a pleasing astringency that balances perfectly with the sweet honey flavors throughout the long, bittersweet finish.