1990's CNNP Green Mark Sheng Pu-Erh Tea Cake

These cakes are a CNNP production from a small, unidentified factory using the Menghai Tea Factory 8582 blend/recipe. The precise date of production is impossible to determine due to the lack of date information on the cake wrappers (or the bamboo-wrapped tong), but we're comfortable with calling them mid-to-late 1990's (1995-1999) as presented by our source.

The cakes were stored traditionally in Hong Kong from the time of production until around 2005, when they were brought to Taipei. We selected them during our visit to Taipei in December, 2014, and we have been letting them adjust to our drier climate in North Texas since they arrived in January, 2015.

The clear, dark reddish-brown liquor is deep, woody-sweet and clean with moderately thick mouthfeel and excellent aftertaste that builds nicely over a series of infusions. The humidity of the early Hong Kong storage is evident physically from the "frosty" white/gray appearance of parts of some of the cakes and from the mildly wet aroma and flavor in the first few infusions, but this tea is clean tasting and easy to drink.

Although this tea is great to drink now, there is still a bit of youth and astringency left in the leaves that should mellow further over the years to come. We consider it to be a good candidate for drinking now and/or saving for later.



Producer: CNNP
Production Date: Mid-late 1990's (96-99 is best estimate)
Storage:  Hong Kong; Taipei (±2005-2014); Dallas, TX (1/2015-present)
25g Sample Packaging:  Resealable stand-up pouch
Cake Packaging: Paper
Approximate Cake Weight: 350g (12.35 oz)
Please Note: Cake weight is an approximation only. Product sold by the cake/bing/unit, not by weight.