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Since 2007, Norbu Tea Company, LLC has been finding and sharing interesting, unique and high quality teas with our clients from all over the world. As a devoted student and lover of tea myself, it is my greatest pleasure in life to help educate friends & customers about as many aspects of the amazing world of tea as I can. Norbu Tea Company was born out of the desire to share this love of tea with anyone who shows an interest. 

The name Norbu is a Tibetan language word that means "precious jewel." It is a common name (or part of a name) in many Himalayan cultures, and, in Buddhist tradition, the term refers to a metaphorical "precious jewel" of wisdom that is passed from teacher to student. In addition to becoming the name of this company, it is a nickname that I was given by a local Tibetan friend when traveling on the Old Tea Horse Road in the Deqin Tibetan Autonomous Region of Northern Yunnan Province, China in 2007. After this 2007 experience-of-a-lifetime visit to Yunnan and Tibet, I decided to start a small tea company, and Norbu was the perfect name to use for the new company...both to honor the people who gave me the nickname and to honor Himalayan cultures in general. Over the years, I have made many tea loving & producing friends from many different regions, and it is a real privilege to be able to share their tea with you. 

All products available on this site are warehoused in and shipped from our base of operations in Dallas, TX. If any questions arise while you browse our constantly evolving and growing product selection, please do not hesitate to send us an email. 

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Gregory Glancy
Norbu Tea Company, LLC
Norbu Pic
Photo Taken Summer, 2007 somewhere near Gyantse, Tibet.