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Suiro - Nepal White Tea - Spring, 2015 Ya Bao - Wild Yunnan White Tea - Spring, 2014
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Suiro - Nepal White Tea Ya Bao - Wild White Tea
These young buds have been painstakingly hand-picked and simply dried to create a lovely silver needles style white tea. This minimal processing creates a finished tea with a crystal clear, pale yellow infusion and a sweet aroma reminiscent of newly dried straw. The liquor is light-bodied with a hay-like sweetness, mild floral notes and a touch of summery stonefruit in the finish.
Ya Bao, which means “Bud Treasure” is made entirely from hand-picked buds from a wild-growing Camellia variety specific only to the Yunnan/Myanmar border region. In early Spring, new growth lateral buds are simply picked and dried in the sun to produce Ya Bao. When infused, the liquor is light and clear with just a touch of yellow green. In the cup, the infusion has distinct hints of evergreen & fresh, sweet, young vegetables (squash blossoms?) with a very light, crisp finish.