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Imperial Jasmine Pearls - Spring, 2016 Green Curls - Nepal Green Tea - Spring, 2015
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Our Price: $11.00
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Imperial Jasmine Pearls Green Curls - Nepal Green Tea
Imperial Jasmine Pearls is a Spring harvest, 2016 green tea which has been hand-rolled into its distinctive pearl shape and naturally scented with fresh jasmine flowers. The base tea has been plucked to an extremely high standard and is comprised primarily of tender, young buds with the occasional bud and single leaf complex mixed in. When infused, the tea flavor is mild and sweet, which harmonizes perfectly with the balanced, not-overpowering aroma of fresh jasmine flowers.
This tea's dry leaves are many shades of green with abundant silvery buds apparent in the mix and carry a mild nutty and green vegetal aroma. When infused, the liquor is yellow-gold with a mildly nutty and floral nose. In the cup, the medium bodied infusion has elements of toasted nuts, toasted sweet grains and fresh green vegetables, moderate astringency, and a lingering nutty, floral and bittersweet aftertaste that lingers nicely.
Nepali Jade - Green Tea - Spring, 2015
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Nepali Jade - Nepal Green Tea
Nepali Jade is a gorgeous green tea, plucked to an extremely high one bud and one leaf standard and left unrolled to preserve the natural appearance of the leaf. The dry leaf aroma is light and sweet like fresh-cut grass, and when infused it produces a beautiful, crystal clear, pale jade liquor with a light, fresh aroma. The light-bodied infusion is mild and grassy-sweet with hints of baby green vegetables, almost no astringency, and a very clean, refreshing finish.