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An Ji Bai Cha - Green Tea Gu Zhu Zi Sun - Green Tea
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An Ji Bai Cha - Green Tea Gu Zhu Zi Sun - Green Tea
This An Ji Bai Cha is a beautiful specimen, plucked to a one bud to two leaf standard and rolled into a needle-like shape. When the leaves are wet, the "white jade" color is apparent on the smaller leaf sets, and the leaves show beautiful, darker green veins.

The dry leaf aroma is sweet like fresh-cut grass with a hint of toasted nuts and a touch of fresh-cut flowers. When steeped, it produces a beautiful, crystal clear, pale "white jade" colored liquor with the sweet aroma of young green vegetables and mildly scented flowers. The flavor is very mild, fresh, delicately floral and a bit honey-sweet with a very clean & refreshing aftertaste.
This tea, from a small farm in the Guzhu Mountain area of China’s Zhejiang Province, was picked and processed entirely by hand using the standard of two tiny leaves and one bud to preserve the integrity of these tiny, beautiful, near-perfect leaf sets. The dry leaves have a mild, sweet, green vegetable aroma with just a hint of nuttiness, and when steeped they produce a beautifully clear, light yellow liquor with a beautifully sweet aroma. The infusion is very fresh, subtly sweet, clean, and lightly floral with a silky-smooth mouthfeel and a lovely & lingering bittersweet aftertaste.
Xi Hu Long Jing - Green Tea Bai Mao Hou - Green Tea
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Xi Hu Long Jing - Green Tea Bai Mao Hou - Green Tea
Long Jing is, without a doubt, the most famous green tea in China, if not the world. The name “Long Jing translates as "Dragon well," ”which is an actual water well located in the Xi Hu (West Lake) district of Hangzhou Prefecture. This Long Jing is comprised of flat-pressed, yellowish-green one bud & two leaf sets with a nutty, slightly sweet & flowery aroma. When infused, the clear, pale yellow/green liquor has moderately full body, light astringency and a long lasting, nutty-sweet finish.
Bai Mao Hou is a green tea composed of hand-picked young leaves and buds which have been rolled into delicate green & white curls. The infusion is a lovely pale yellowish green with a slightly flowery and nutty-sweet aroma. In the cup, the liquor has a mild, sweet flavor with a hint of young green vegetables, light to medium body, and a fresh, clean finish with low astringency.
Imperial Jasmine Pearls
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Imperial Jasmine Pearls
Imperial Jasmine Pearls is an early Spring harvest, 2014 green tea which has been hand-rolled into its distinctive pearl shape and naturally scented with fresh jasmine flowers. The base tea has been plucked to an extremely high standard and is comprised primarily of tender, young buds with the occasional bud and single leaf complex mixed in. When infused, the tea flavor is mild and sweet, which harmonizes perfectly with the balanced, not-overpowering aroma of fresh jasmine flowers.