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Xi Hu Long Jing - Green Tea

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Xi Hu Long Jing
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Harvest:  Spring, 2014 (Yu Qian/Pre-Rain)
Origin: Shi Feng Mtn, Xihu District, Hangzhou Pref., Zhejiang Province
Cultivar: Traditional
Weight: 50g (1.76 oz)

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Appearance, Flavor and Aroma:
Long Jing is, without a doubt, the most famous green tea in China, if not the world.  The name “Long Jing translates as "Dragon well," ”which is an actual water well located in the Xi Hu (West Lake) district of Hangzhou Prefecture. This Long Jing is comprised of flat-pressed, yellowish-green one bud & two leaf sets with a nutty, slightly sweet & flowery aroma. When infused, the clear, pale yellow/green liquor has moderately full body, light astringency and a long lasting, nutty-sweet finish.

The distinctive flat leaf shape of Long Jing is a result of the pan firing process used.  Green leaves are loaded into a relatively low temperature wok (175-212 F) and tossed by hand to kill the enzymes in the leaves that would otherwise cause the leaves to oxidize and begin to turn brown.  After the leaves begin to soften, the tea master begins a process of repeatedly pressing the leaves against the surface of the wok and tossing them away from the hot surface.  This is not an easy process to do properly, and it takes a lot of skill to keep the leaves from scorching and turning brown if the leaves are pressed too hard or too long against the hot surface or not taking the flat shape if there is too little pressure used.

This is an authentic Long Jing from the Shi Feng mountain area relatively close to Xi Hu (West Lake).  It was hand picked and traditionally processed in early April, 2014.  The cultivar used is the traditional Long Jing cultivar, which is becoming less popular among producers in the area because it begins to sprout a week or so later than more recently developed Long Jing #43 cultivar. The producer who grows and processes this tea is a purist, and they insist on using the traditional cultivar because of its distinctively nutty and thick flavor and its appearance, which is more yellow-green in color than the very green #43.

Steeping Guidelines:

Western Style:
2½-3 g (best to weigh because of leaf size/shape; approx. 3 tsp) per cup
Water: 175°F
Time: 3-4 Min
Please be sure to adjust the amount of leaf, steeping time, and/or water temperature according to your taste.

Gong Fu:
Use approximately 7-8 grams (best to weigh this one
because of leaf size/shape) of leaf in a 150 ml gaiwan, water at about 175°F, and a series of short infusions. Start with about 20 seconds for the first steep, and gradually increase the steeping time over a series of 4 or more infusions. Of course, please adjust the amount of leaf, steeping time, and/or water temperature according to your taste.

For general steeping guidelines for the different categories of Chinese tea and a short downloadable "how to" video on Gong Fu style tea preparation, please visit our Chinese Tea Steeping Guide page.
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