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Hong Mao Feng - Yunnan Black Tea - Spring 2012 - 100 g

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Hong Mao Feng
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Harvest: Spring (April), 2012
Growing Region:
Wu Liang Mtn, Jingdong County, Yunnan Province, China

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Appearance, Flavor & Aroma:

Our Hong Mao Feng is made up of an attractive mix of golden bud material and dark-colored, twisted larger leaves.  When steeped, the liquor comes out to a beautiful deep reddish-amber color with very good clarity (which makes it an ideal candidate to be used in iced tea). 

The flavor profile of the infused tea delivers a unique yet familiar blend of "leather and lace" with its malty, bold & assertive front end balanced with the more refined hints of dried fruit and subtly floral elements in the finish.  The liquor has a medium to thick body (depending on how strong you make it) that coats the mouth nicely, and the bittersweet aftertaste of this hong cha is truly long lasting and seems to hang out in the back of the throat for a surprisingly long time.

Steeping Guideline:
To steep this tea, I recommend treating it Gong-Fu style using water at a full boil with a relatively high leaf to water ratio (7-8 grams of leaf in a 150 ml gaiwan or teapot) and a series of short steepings.  I have noticed that when I make it "western style" in a larger teapot with a lower leaf to water ratio that the malty/leathery/"Yunnany" aspect of the flavor is a bit less pronounced, allowing some of the more subtle nuances to shine through in the first steeping.

Adjust the amount of leaf, steeping time, and water temperature used according to your preference.

General steeping guidelines for the different categories of Chinese tea and a short downloadable "how to" video on Gong Fu style tea preparation are available on our Chinese Tea Steeping Guide page.
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